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WHY RS Web De Sign's...


As a website owner, you may be surprised to learn that most designers actually own your website and domain, even though you're the one paying for it. Essentially, you're just renting it from them. However, RS Web De Sign is different.


If you pay for it, you own it. Your domain and host will be in your name, and you'll only be billed for work that is completed. Your bill will also be itemized, and you'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to access your website. I  highly recommend being trained to maintain your own website, and we'll even provide you with updated passwords if I maintain your site.


Any updates or additions will be done within 24-46 hours, with basic updates being completed within just a few hours of receiving information. 

If you are not happy with RS Web De Sign’s, you can choose another designer to maintain and make changes to your website no question asked you are the owner you have full control over all the logins and passwords, I just ask for a courtesy notification and removal of RS Web De Sign’s link on the bottom of your site if the design is altered. 

Did you Know.....To have a designer link their site on the bottom of your website is not mandatory, it is added as a courtesy free advertisement for the designer you can ask for it to be removed even if they maintain your website. 

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