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Make my Site Rank #1... 

Please be aware that absolutely NO website development company in the world can guarantee you a #1 placement in the organic listings of let's say..... Google for an example.


There is only one company that can offer that particular guarantee: Google. There seems to be a trend developing in this industry where website developers and SEO companies are soliciting people through email promising the #1 position in Google for as little as $39 per month. Be warned: this is 100% a scam.



A good Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy takes time, money, and commitment.

People are asking me all the time for advice and suggestions on how to make their website place higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t a one-size fit all solution.


If this were the case, then everybody would be #1 in the search engine rankings. I would always be listed as #1. ;)

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes down to the content (text) and structure(code).

 Remember, search engines periodically change their algorithms which determine your ranking, new websites spring up to provide yours with the competition, and like everything else in life, things will change. 



*Please Note* –There are exactly two areas in Google for listing areas in the Google Search Engine Result Pages or SERPS.

Paid Advertisements: These are advertisers who bid against one another in order to rank more highly for specific search keywords. Anyone can actually do this (for a price). This certainly can potentially be extremely costly to do on your own if you don’t understand what you are doing and have experience.


Google AdWords Management.  This certainly can potentially be extremely costly to do on your own if you don’t understand what you are doing and have experience.




SEO Marketing...


Everyone talks about SEO Marketing, but you may be wondering

exactly what is SEO Marketing?


SEO Marketing is easier than you think!

SEO Marketing can be boiled down to a few major parts: The first thing that needs to be determined is the “keywords” that describe your business. How to choose keywords for SEO is another question. 



Not using technology inside your site is almost as useless as not having a website in the first place!

  •  RS Web De Sign's will research “keywords” that will help you get the best search engine results for your website.

  • Add content to the website 3-4 times per week, most likely through a blog on your site.

  • Link back to your website from other websites.

  • Write content that gets people to link back to your website from other places.

  • Use Social Media to get links and traffic to your websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


An Old stale site with outdated content will certainly turn customers away!

I’ve seen too many clients waste their hard-earned dollars on a site with many applications and features such as a blog, news section, newsletter, calendar of events, inventory manager, an eCommerce store and many other features and then not even use them.








Increase how often Search engines crawls your site by updating frequently!

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